Best Electric Skateboard Students

The Best Electric Skateboards for College Students

College students face many challenges every day, but commuting to and from college should not be one of them. With the best electric skateboard for college students, they’ll have a reliable way to get back and forth that is both environmentally friendly and convenient.

Electric skateboards are eco-friendly because they generate no emissions or noise when traveling. They also require minimal maintenance and can travel up to 20 miles per hour – perfect for urban commuters!

1. What are electric skateboards and how do they work

You’re probably familiar with regular skateboards but electric skateboards feature an electric motor which allows the rider to be more agile and travel when they need to, without having to use a car or bike.

Electric skateboards are powered by rechargeable lithium batteries that can last for weeks or months depending on how much you ride the board each day. They’re not quite as portable as regular bikes because boards require safety gear like helmets but all of your other commute needs will be taken care of with electric skateboards!

A typical battery charge lasts up to 14 miles which is perfect for most commutes around town. Once it runs out though, riders just have to plug in their board at home using an outlet before taking off again.

Since these types of boards don’t emit noise or emissions, people who live near major cities may appreciate them even more than those living in a more rural setting.

2. The best electric skateboards for college students 

For students who are living relatively close to campus and don’t want the added expense of paying for a car then an electric skateboard may be an ideal solution.

Riding a board to get to and around campus can be cheaper than taking the bus or paying for parking if there are any available spots on-campus.

Students who commute daily might find that an electric skateboard is more convenient and less expensive than using their bike or public transportation with all of its associated costs. Plus, riding one will help them stay in shape during those grueling semesters!

*Some college students may have limitations when it comes to where they live and how far away from school they’d like to live since some campuses require students living off-campus to reside within specific boundaries. In this case, consider purchasing a bicycle as opposed to an electric skateboard which could cost roughly $500-$1000 depending on the size of the board.*

Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy S22 is the best electric skateboard in the world. It has a top speed of 18.6+ mph and can go up to 12.5 miles on a single charge! The Hiboy S22 has 4 modes for riding: Beginner, Eco, Sport and Power mode (for advanced riders). Each mode provides you with different speeds and acceleration for your desired experience. If you want to have fun cruising around town or if you want to go fast then this board is for you!

GO UP TO 12.5 MILES LONG-RANGE BATTERY – Enjoy the freedom to go anywhere without worrying about charging. The battery is removable and can be charged on or off the board.

– 8.6+MPH FOR TOP SPEED – Ride faster than most electric skateboards, reaching top speeds in seconds! The S22 is designed for both beginners and advanced riders who want a high performance board.

– 4 MODES FOR EACH RIDING AND BRAKING – Switch between four modes: beginner, eco, sport, and pro to find your perfect speed. Each mode has different acceleration and braking settings so you can choose what’s best for you!

Tooluck Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard

Tooluck Electric Longboard Electronic Skateboard is a new generation of electric skateboards with the latest technology. It is designed for everyone who wants to have fun, sport and transportation. The board has a range of 6-8 miles and max speed up to 20km/h (12MPH).

With Tooluck Electric Longboard, you can enjoy your trip anywhere anytime! And it’s very easy to ride. Just push the button on remote control or use the mobile app to start riding. You will feel safe when riding since it has LED lights in front and back

Max range: 6-8 Miles. Max Load: 100KG. Power: 350W.

– 3 speed mode: 10KM/H, 15KM/H, 20KM/H(12MPH)

– Size: 27.5×8.66×4.7 INCH

– Charging Time: 2 Hours

Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard

The Swagtron NG-3 is the ultimate 4-wheeled electric vehicle for riders who want to move more and kick less. The NG-3 combines a long range with high performance, so you can cruise effortlessly on your commute or take a leisurely ride through the park. Weighing in at just 13 lbs., the Swagtron NG-3 is ultraportable, making it easy to carry, store and travel with anywhere. With its durable polypropylene deck and 72mm (2. 8 in) polyurethane wheels that absorb

3. Why you should buy an electric skateboard for your college student 

Using an electric skateboard will save you quite a bit of money in the long run when compared to using public transport or driving and paying for parking.

An electric skateboard will also be more friendly to the environment and will get you around campus quicker.

You should also buy an electric skateboard for your college student because they will enjoy it more than a regular skateboard.

Electric skateboards are very quiet and smooth when riding them, so the user won’t have to listen to noisy wheels or feel vibrations from the board on their feet like you would with a regular longboard or short board.

The rider is able to do this without having to kick as hard either thanks in part due to the lighter weight of these boards (which we’ll discuss further in another section). This results in less fatigue which means that young adults can ride longer distances before feeling muscle pain, and experience fewer aches after prolonged use.

4. How to choose the right board for your needs 

There are certain things you’ll need to factor in when choosing an electric skateboard, you’ll need to check what the maximum weight for the board is, factor in how far you will need to travel each day and how often you’ll need to charge the board.

Electric skateboards are a great mode of transportation for college students in cities where public transport is limited, or when traveling on foot can be time consuming with traffic congestion or crowded sidewalks.

An electric longboard should have good acceleration so that it’s easy to weave through congested streets without having to constantly stop and start again which would cause walking passengers more difficulty. It’s also important that an electric longboard has enough torque because some riders may feel vibrations from the board on their feet like you would with a regular longboard or short board.

5. Pros and cons of buying a board

Here are some pros and cons about buying an electric skateboard for your college commute:

– Pros – they are relatively inexpensive, easy to find in retail stores and online shops, lightweight so you can carry it onto buses or trains.

– Cons – Battery life is typically limited (around 20 miles), some users have reported dangerous speed wobbles during use because the trucks may not be as stable on a board with a smaller wheel base.


There are many electric skateboards to choose from. The best option for college students is an affordable, lightweight board that will last them through their undergraduate years. Which options have you considered? Are there any other considerations when buying a new one for school?

Check out the models we have recommended here, we are sure that one of them will cover most of your needs.