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The Best Helmets to Wear While Riding an Electric Skateboard

You may have seen the videos of people riding electric skateboards on YouTube and thought to yourself, “wow, that looks like so much fun!” If you are thinking about buying an electric skateboard but also want to wear a helmet while riding it because safety is important, then this article is for you! In this blog post, we will discuss which helmets are best for riders of electric skateboards.

1. The importance of wearing a helmet

Whether you are riding a bike, skateboard or scooter, wearing a helmet is very important in our opinion. All it will take is a single accident for you to suffer a possibly life changing injury.

This may seem a little over the top, but there are so many stories out there where you’ll hear about someone falling off their bike or board, hitting their head and being left in a really bad way.

In fact, in the USA alone there has been a reported increase of 24% for bicycle-related head injuries. This doesn’t even account for skateboarders who may suffer head injuries as well.

Electric Skateboards are no exception to this rule and we think it’s best to follow our own advice when wearing helmets while riding any type of vehicle: “just do it!”

It is also worth noting that electric skateboards should be operated on roads rather than sidewalks or bike paths due to their speed and weight which can cause damage to those surfaces.

A helmet will not only protect your head from injury but also act as an important piece of safety equipment if you were unfortunate enough to have an accident where your board was involved too.

2. Types of helmets

There are a few different types of helmets that you can choose from, generally the two most popular styles would be full-faced and half-shell.

A full-faced helmet covers the entire head, while a half-shell only protects the top and sides of your skull.

Full-face helmets are particularly popular as they offer maximum protection for all parts of your head.

Half shell style helmets may sometimes be referred to as “skateboard” or “bicycle” style but these names can often confuse people into thinking this type provides ample safety coverage which it does not; if you’re looking for best protection you may want to go with the full-face option, but sometimes it just comes down to personal preference.

We Recommend

The Pro-Tec Classic Certified Skate Helmet takes care of all your needs and at a fair price. It’s certified, making it safe for multiple impacts in order to protect you from head injuries. The helmet has 11 vents that will make you feel cool when skateboarding in the hot sun.

The buckle on the straps does its job and keeps them snug as they adjust for your head size with extra comfort! With 45 years of experienced designers who have been producing stylish protective equipment, this helmet is sure to surpass any expectation.

3. Helmet safety standards and guidelines

When looking for a helmet, there are certain standards that they will need to meet, in general if you are buying from a reputable place like Amazon or a high street store then these standards should be covered.

There is no US law that says a helmet being marketed only for skateboarding has to meet any standard whatsoever. Oddly, there are no laws or regulation when it comes to the safety standards for helmets used on electric skateboard (known as longboards in California).

Make sure the helmet you are purchasing has an ASTM F1492 sticker. The standard was stricter in 2011, prohibiting manufacturers from leaving out those stickers on helmets.

Note that some helmets may be authorized for use with electric skateboards by certain safety regulations in only some sizes. For example, if the manufacturer produces one helmet size and just includes thinner foam inserts to provide a larger fit, then the space is not approved for government regulation. It could also be reversed that the small-head size is not certified or has an issue against it from a regulatory standpoint. The trust-worthy sticker in the helmet will only reveal these things. If it’s absent, you can’t rely on any of your other knowledge about this type of helmet certification.

4. What to look for in a helmet that will protect you well 

There are certain features that you should look out for when planning on buying a skateboarding helmet, or any type of helmet for that matter.

– Does it have the right certification?

– Is there ample coverage with buckles and straps to make sure you are encased in safety?  Are they adjustable around your head so as not to be too loose or tight?

– What is the weight of the helmet, does it feel heavy on your head – this can affect how much force would need to be exerted onto a person’s skull if they were involved in an accident or collision. You’ll want something light enough where you don’t notice its presence but feels strong enough to protect well.

5. Why it’s important to wear one when riding an electric skateboard, even if it has its own built-in protection system

As mentioned earlier, wearing a helmet when riding a skateboard, electric or otherwise, is extremely important, even if you initially feel that you may look a little odd wearing one, it really is important to wear one for protection purposes.

The best electric skateboard helmet will provide protection for the skull and brain, but can also be able to protect other parts of your head if you fall. It’s important that it fits snugly so as not to shift in an accident or collision while providing a good level of comfort at the same time.

Motocross helmets are recommended because they fit tighter than most types available on the market which gives them an advantage over others, especially when it comes to sporty activities like riding electric boards where accidents may happen from any angle.


The most important thing you can do to protect your head when riding a skateboard is to wear a helmet. There are many different types of helmets, so it’s worth doing some research about which type would work best for you and your personal needs before making a purchase.

If the thought of researching all this sounds like too much effort, we’ve done our homework for you! Here’s an article providing information on what kind of helmet might be best suited for electric skateboards specifically. Have fun out there without worrying about getting hurt in the process!